• The RPS has published a sustainability policy, detailing the actions they believe are required across the sector, and calling on the pharmaceutical industry, governments across GB and other stakeholders, both within healthcare and beyond, to work in partnership to make the changes that are needed to tackle the climate emergency. The policy makes recommendations in four sections:
    a) Improving prescribing and medicines use
    b) Tackling medicines waste
    c) Preventing ill health
    d) Improving infrastructure and ways of working
    To view the full policy click here


  • FIP (the International Pharmaceutical Federation) has issued a call to action, mobilising pharmacists across communities to mitigate the impact of air pollution on health – click here.


  • The LPC has published a Climate Emergency Declaration (see below), in line with the NHS goal to deliver a “Net Zero NHS”.  We would love to hear from contractors about current initiatives or ideas for future projects to help drive this agenda forward – mail

Thames Valley LPC Climate Emergency Declaration

In support of the NHS goal to deliver a “Net Zero NHS”, and following similar announcements by bodies such as the BMA, RCP and RCN, the LPC is proud to announce the publication of our Climate Emergency Declaration.

This declaration outlines our commitment to promote environmental sustainability, incorporate sustainability into future policies and decision-making, and educate our contractors and pharmacy teams on climate health and sustainability.

  1. We recognise the danger of the climate crisis and its catastrophic effect on human health
  2. We are committed as an organisation to combatting this crisis and promoting environmental sustainability
  3. We will consider sustainability and the environmental impact in all future policies and decisions, and will challenge organisations within our supply chains to do the same
  4. We commit to educating our contractors on climate health and sustainability
  5. We commit to appointing an Environment & Sustainability Lead within the Committee