Patient Satisfaction Survey 2022/23

Following the suspension of the Patient Satisfaction Survey Requirement due to Covid pressures in 21-22, this has now been reintroduced for 22-23, details as follows:

In line with the Approved Particulars published in October 2021, the previous Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire has been retired, and NHS England and NHS Improvement have agreed with the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee that each financial year (1 April to 31 March) Pharmacy Contractors will undertake a Patient Satisfaction Survey through which they obtain structured feedback on patients’ experience of their NHS services (as a minimum, essential and advanced services) from patients using those services..

The Patient Satisfaction Survey must include 3 topics that will be agreed each year between NHSEI and PSNC.  Pharmacy contractors are able to ask additional questions that might address local issues, or concerns of their patient base, but the 3 mandated topics must be covered.  Full details of the requirements are set out in the Approved Particulars, which can be found here.


For 2022/23, NHSEI and PSNC have agreed the following topics that contractors must use in their Patient Satisfaction Survey.  We have also suggested some questions you may wish to use, but these are entirely at your own discretion, and you can use your own questions based around the topic area as suits you best.

TOPIC 1 – The ease of being able to speak to staff privately without being overheard*

Possible questions for the patient survey might include:

  • Are you aware that the pharmacy has a consultation room where you can discuss health matters privately?
  • Do you know how to arrange to speak with pharmacy staff privately?
  • Do you know how we protect your privacy if we conduct consultations with you over the phone?
  • Distance Selling pharmacies could ask – How easy do you find it to contact the pharmacy to discuss your health issues or enquire about our NHS Services?

TOPIC 2 – The provision of advice on health problems and healthy living

Possible questions for the patient survey might include:

  • Are you able to easily access health advice from pharmacy staff?
  • How do you prefer to receive healthy living advice?
  • Do you feel comfortable approaching pharmacy staff about your health problems?

TOPIC 3 – The timeliness of provision of NHS Services

Possible questions for the patient survey might include:

  • Are you happy with how quickly you are able to receive your prescriptions?
  • Has the pharmacy been able to meet your health needs during the pandemic?
  • Are there some services you think we should prioritise over others in the pharmacy?

For more details see the PSNC web site here.