DrugFAM Workshop for Young People Bereaved by Addiction

19th September 2015 11am - 4pm

YHA London St Pancras, 79-81 Euston Road, London NW1 2QE

DrugFAM is supporting Young People (aged 18 – 30) who are bereaved by addiction

The aim of the project is to support young people to develop ways to process and cope with their loss so they can move forward with their lives, not feel so alone and challenge the stigma which is often associated with bereavement through drugs and alcohol.

In addition to the London Workshops, a local group meets in Caversham (Reading) on Wednesdays, 7.00-9.00pm

Venue: The Upper Room, Gosbrook Methodist Church, Corner of Ardler Road, Caversham, Berks, RG4 5AE

For more information call: 01494 442777 or Helpline: 0300 888 3853, Email office@drugfam.co.uk or visit www.drugfam.co.uk