Life Skills – Developing Your Potential

19th October 2015 8 weeks


The Life skills – developing your potential live e-course starts on 19 October 2015 and will run online for eight weeks. It is designed to help you develop a range of life skills that will allow you to reach your full potential. You will build a greater self-awareness and a personal skill set for both professional and personal use.

CPPE ran this e-course twice in 2014 and received the following feedback from one of learners:

“This course has been one of the best I have ever enrolled in. It’s taught me a lot about myself in terms of where I am presently, and where I could improve. It has changed the way I perceive the world and I am now more conscious about my actions and those of others.”

Each week you will be set a series of challenges and exercises designed to help you reflect on your practice, identify ways to develop your potential and learn new skills. We estimate that you will need to commit to four hours of learning each week. As this is a live course there will be opportunities to take part in discussion forums with colleagues.

Further information For more information on the course and a weekly summary, you can view and download a PDF on Life skills – developing your potential.

Book your place today! This e-course is hosted by CourseSites®. Please make your booking via CPPE first and then follow the email links to register on CourseSites®. To book a place on our latest live e-course, click on Life skills – developing your potential.