Palliative Care Day

6th May 2015 9.30am to 4.30pm

Holiday Inn, High Wycombe

Free full day event for Pharmacists and Registered Technicians.

Qualifies for £200 backfill payment.

Email to reserve your place.


Details are as follows:

Using a team approach to help patients and their families address their needs and offer a support system to live life as comfortably as possible until death

We are now able to offer a training day about Palliative Care.  The philosophy of palliative care differs from other specialities, as it focuses on the consequences of the condition, rather than its cause or specific cure.  Approaches are therefore necessarily holistic, pragmatic and multidisciplinary.  With significant ageing of the population comes an increasing demand for optimal, patient centred palliative care across a range of malignant and non-malignant disease states.   This day will involve a focal point session from CPPE, talks by the Thames valley GP palliative care lead, Dr Barbara Barrie and other consultants from the local Hospices, Specialist palliative care pharmacists and Macmillan nurses.

The learning objectives from the day will be:

  • The aims and approaches of palliative care
  • Describe the aetiology of common palliative care symptoms and emergencies and their management strategies
  • Advise healthcare professionals about appropriate opioid dose conversions
  • Advise healthcare professionals about medicine compatibilities in syringe drivers(syringe pumps)
  • Engage with patients/carers to discuss their condition, choice of medicines, duration and withdrawal of treatment
  • Recognise the main sources of psychological distress in patients who have entered the palliative care stage in the course of their illness
  • Explain the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to palliative care pain and symptom management
  • Contribute to advanced care planning provisions in your local area
  • Signpost family members/carers for further advice and support

One chance to get it right: improving people’s experience of care in the last few days and hours of life

This report by the Leadership Alliance for the care of Dying people, is a new approach to care for the dying and welcomed by Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb.

“The new priorities will mean that care is focused on dying people’s wishes-rather than processes.  This will make sure that their voices, and those of their families, are heard at all times.”

“It’s also important that, where possible, planning for dying should start well before the last few days and hours of someone’s life, where they want to have the discussions.” (Norman Lamb)