Type 2 Diabetes Management

8th October 2015 6.15pm - 9.00pm

The Manor Hospital, Beech Road, Headington, Oxford

Type 2 Diabetes Management – Is ‘Psychological Hunger’ the Missing Link? & An Insulin-Independent approach to T2D Patients who are Uncontrolled & Overweight

18:15 Welcome & Buffet

19:00 Chairperson Dr Honor Merriman – GP, CPD Tutor, Manor Surgery,Oxfordshire,

19:10 Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Is Addressing ‘Psychological Hunger’ the Missing Link?
Dr Jen Nash – Clinical Psychologist Chartered with the British Psychology Society Director of Positive Diabetes – Central & North West London NHS Trust – ‘Diabetes Wellbeing Service’

20:00 An Insulin-Independent approach to Managing patients with T2D who are Uncontrolled & Overweight
Dr Jyothis George – Senior Clinical Researcher University of Oxford Diabetes Trials Unit (DTU), OCDEM Churchill Hospital, Oxford

20:45 Questions & Close

This is event is sponsored by Astra Zeneca. If you would like to attend please contact sangeeta.matta@astrazeneca.com