Ask for Ani Codeword Scheme

We have been asked to raise awareness of the Home Office’s “Ask For ANI” (Action Needed Immediately) Codeword Scheme for victims of Domestic Abuse, whether you have already signed up or are interested in doing so and where to find details about the scheme, training and promotional materials.

Ask for ANI (Action Needed Immediately) is a codeword scheme developed by the Home Office to provide a discreet way for victims of domestic abuse to signal that they need emergency help from the safety of their local pharmacy. Victims of domestic abuse will be able to use the codeword ANI in participating pharmacies (including all Boots stores and participating independent pharmacies) to let staff know that they require an emergency police response or help contacting a helpline or specialist support service.

Pharmacies have a very important role to play, they are convenient and accessible safe places for those needing help when facing or experiencing domestic abuse.  if supporting the scheme please ensure you display the “Ask for Ani” Poster available at , that all your staff are aware of the scheme & briefed, with any new staff informed at induction and that all appropriate staff receive the necessary training.

Resources –

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Home Office at:

Thank you for your vital support for “Ask For Ani