We are pleased to announce that all GP Practices (except for non-EMIS practices) across BOB are now using EMIS/PharmOutcomes for GP CPCS Referrals.  This means that all pharmacies will be getting most of their GP CPCS referrals via PharmOutcomes.  The GP CPCS referral is accessed the same way as 111 Referrals and Emergency Supply.  Please look at PharmOutcomes at least 4 times a day.  Contact the customer and either do the consultation over the phone (66% are completed this way) or arrange to have an appointment with the patient for a face-to-face consultation.  The consultation should be completed within 48 hours, but most consultations are completed on the same day as the referral. Complete PharmOutcomes at the same time as the consultation (do not create another task).

If you have any queries, please call Kevin on 07777 671596.