Independent Prescriber (IP) Training for Pharmacists

HEE are currently procuring IP pharmacist training providers for Autumn 2022 and intend to announce the successful course providers in July-August 2022.  Pharmacists who meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in applying for a place are encouraged to start to preparations as soon as possible.

As a minimum, pharmacists will need to have:

  1. The support of an identified designated medical practitioner (DMP) or designated prescribing practitioner (DPP).
  2. An appropriate placement in a prescribing setting, arranged for practice-based learning.
  3. Evidence you meet the HEI eligibility criteria (applicants will be subject to their chosen HEI’s enrolment processes).
  4. Commitment to use the skill for the delivery of NHS services as they emerge

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This training is part of a £15.9m investment plan announced in 2021, to support the expansion of frontline pharmacy professionals and access to further clinical training. HEE are working with partners and stakeholders to develop high quality training offers, of which independent prescribing (IP) is one part. Further information can be found on the HEE website.

As part of the development of this new offer HEE hosted engagement events with universities and employers. These sessions helped to shape the delivery model for the new offer, and the design of the provision from Autumn 2022 reflect these discussions:

  • For the new offer for Pharmacy Integration Programme funded places, locum pharmacists working in community pharmacy to support delivery of NHS clinical services will be eligible to apply.
  • They have been working to form a single, cohesive commissioning model for independent prescribing provision for 2022/23, which will take into account IP provision for the Pharmacy Integration Programme, Primary Care Pharmacy Education Pathway (PCPEP) and regional activity. This single HEE commission intends to support a single, aligned delivery model for HEIs.

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