Knowing You Matter

You Matter (YM) is an NHS Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub. They work with individuals and teams to provide a confidential space, where you can start to explore what you can do to help improve your wellbeing.

For individuals, they offer a range of options that may include confidential conversations, mental health assessment, triage, signposting and facilitated referral for all staff employed in Health and Social Care in Oxfordshire. For teams, they offer one or more sessions that can help a team notice and recognise the challenges they face together; to feel empowered to help themselves and each other.

The service is hosted by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, on behalf of the BOB ICS. BOB ICS have two hubs; Wellbeing Matters for West Berkshire and You Matter for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

You Matter supporting wellbeing events – Menopause on the map

The second edition of Davina McCall’s Menopause series recently aired on national television. It’s currently being critically acclaimed for raising the issues around the menopause and what it means to go through this transition. Alongside this, the introduction of a HRT Taskforce for the UK, was also announced, meaning the menopause is finally getting the ‘airtime’ and Government backing it needs.

You Matter have always been aware the effect the menopause has on all of us and, perhaps a step ahead, have already presented on the subject. As well as supporting their host trust’s (Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust) International Women’s Day event with their Wonderful Women and Wellbeing session, touching on some of the impacts, they also led their ‘Time to Talk’ Menopause Network in March.

Their Locality Lead, Esther McNeile Jones presented: “The session went really well with more than 25 attendees; all were so engaged and interactive throughout. We could have quite easily continued for more than the hour we had, proving that this topic and having time and a trusted space to discuss what is going on for women during this time, is so important to wellbeing.”

Given how seriously the menopause can disrupt work, family, social life and health, there’s no better time to book a specific session with You Matter, which they can tailor to your team’s need. Feel free to email them directly with your request.