Prescription Nominations

In response to concerns about improper prescription nomination or nominations without patient consent, NHSE&I have issued the reminder below.  This is a filter list, flowing down through the options, which they hope provides the widest, but fairest options to the patient and to the pharmacy contractor:

  1. Display the “Your Prescription Your Choice” poster and refer to it in conversation with patients as appropriate.
  2. Encourage patients to contact NHS England Directly via the “Your prescription, your choice” route. [Display this poster and offer the form]
  3. If patients are not minded to contact NHS England directly, or if the pharmacist prefers, ask the patient to complete the Report Form which the pharmacist may then submit on behalf of the patient to the local NHS England office.
  4. If the patient does not wish to fill out a form, seek the patients consent to share their name and address with NHS England, along with the details of when their nomination had changed without their permission or consent.  This allows NHS England to at least verify the nomination and to add this to the concerns list.
  5. Remind patients that consent has three permanent elements:
    1. The patient MUST be informed clearly about the consent and implications
    2. The nomination consent MUST be voluntary and not induced in any way.
    3. The patient must have capacity [we have had a patient with severe dementia seemingly consent to a change of nomination over the phone].

Failure to ensure any one of these three elements = failure to obtain proper patient consent.