Smartcard Renewals

Higher than usual volume of smartcards due for renewal at the end of June 2022

Nationally, around 230k smartcard certificates are due to expire on 27 June 2022 due to work completed in 2020 on the Certificate Authority (which meant that 3-4 months’ worth of smartcards were not issued for the full 2 years).   Users will receive their renewal reminders 90 days before they expire.

To minimise the impact this renewal could have, users are encouraged to either self-renew (please do this activity when other smartcard users are available with working cards) or see your local RA Sponsor who will be able to ‘RA Renew’ smartcards for you during the 90-day renewal window.

If you have an older style card (please look at the number on the back right hand side of the card – it will begin with 05/06) these can be automatically exchanged for a new style card without attempting self-renewal.

The self-renewal service has been established for several years. Previous issues have been fixed and the service is working well.  To find out how to self-renew click here or download this document.

Please do contact the team on 0300 561 0429 or email if you have any queries regarding the above or to exchange an older style card.